Tuesday, 16 August 2016

I needed this

In a couple of weeks I am taking the HD3QBEM away for a long weekend.   She already has her knitting project selected and bagged up ready to take.   So of course I followed her example.
I had kitted up the Mary Beale Christmas Wreath project but decided that starting to count fine linen under hotel room lights was not a guarantee of success.   So I started it at home last night and couldn't stop.
But now I am going to put it away - right away -  and get back to my Florentine Pocket which needs to be completed.

The side street where I usually park my car while at work is being dug up by slow moving men in hi-vis jackets.  They have carefully placed bright orange traffic cones and no parking signs and told me that it will be two months before they are finished.   So I am leaving home half and hour earlier in order to ensure I get a carpark on another side street.  Parking is very difficult in the area where the office is located.  Of course I have the intention of finishing work earlier to compensate....but that doesn't really eventuate.  So next week I plan on taking an afternoon off in lieu of the extra hours.   But today was a beautiful Spring day - well, Spring-like and traffic was light so I was home by 4:40pm.   Just as well.  The HD3QBEM is not well and was very happy to see me.


  1. You've made a lot of progress on your Christmas wreath. I hope your mother is now feeling better.

  2. Wow, that's a good start! I am sure you'll finish this piece while you are away.
    Enjoy your afternoon off.