Monday, 5 September 2016

Home again

The best part of a holiday is coming home??
It is for me this time at any rate.  I am now unpacked, washing machine filled and switched on, preparations for back-to-work-tomorrow all complete and the kettle on for a hot drink and some time with a library book.

We went up to Waitangi, three hours north of Auckland and the birth place of our nation.
The view from the flagstaff is amazing even on a grey day.
And on a sunny day the bays look beautiful.

In the evenings I stitched, read and watched TV so all in all it was a great break away.   However sadly, I think these mini-vacations are now too much for the HD3QBEM and we may have change to "stay-cations" from now on.   We shall see.


  1. Sounds like a nice get away. Sorry to hear that they may be getting too difficult for your mom.

  2. For me too Margaret, I love coming home. It's hard to admit that your mum is struggling on trips like these - life changes and I'm sure you'll both find lovely things to do from home next time.