Tuesday, 13 September 2016

A finish and a start

Tonight I have finished one ornament and started another.
The Cricket Club "christmas wish" is gorgeous and I am thinking I might make one for myself too -  just not yet.
And I started the 3D Holly Band ornament - an old design by Jean Farish.   Just two things : I don't think these look anything like holly berries and I don't really want to stitch three identical pieces.   But onwards and upwards :-)  Three pieces are needed to form the 3D ornament.
But right now....I am off to bed.


  1. Christmas tree looks great! That 3-D Jean Farish looks familiar - perhaps I remember it from a Just Cross Stitch ornaments issue?

  2. Adored your handanger piece. And this is such pretty Christmas stitching.

  3. Love the Christmas tree! Well done.

  4. Both ornaments have very nice designs, but I agree, those berries don't look like holly.

  5. The Jean Farish is lovely but definitely not holly berryish!