Sunday, 11 September 2016

Another finish

Some Permin linen from stash and two hanks of Caron floss have gone into the making of this hardanger pocket.  
Well, to be quite truthful, there is enough linen and floss left for at least another two identical pockets.   As the spiders web on this was supposed to be an edelweiss flower, I may have to stitch another just for the satisfaction of knowing I did it all ;-)  The colours are not very true to life but is is 9pm here and my lounge lighting is not photography studio standard, so you just get a general idea.
Now I need a day to finish off/construct everything in the basket.
But first, there is summer sewing to do.


  1. I see the thread has those lovely icy cool colors in it but can't tell about the fabric - is it plain or does it have a touch of color as well?

    Anyone who does hardanger is incredibly brave in my opinion!

  2. Lovely hardanger, this will look beautiful finished into a pocket.