Saturday, 17 September 2016

Using up stash

Today was Embroiderers' Guild and I needed a simple project to stitch so started a Snippets Tray.
Fabric and threads are all from stash and the chart is a very old acquisition.  
This is the inside of the tray.   The outer has Noel and snowflakes (in red and green) around all sides.
There is also a Christmas Chicken!   I stitched the chicken for a gift back in 2009 ( here) but I want one for myself.  
It has rained all day but the chores got done, the HD3QBEM had a skype session with GreatGrandDaughter#2, I went to Guild, I cooked a new recipe for dinner and now I am tired and off to bed/


  1. Lovely pattern. Love the Christmas chickenšŸ˜€

  2. New project is nice! You were able to get quite a lot done. I'm always happy to pull from stash and not buy anything new.

  3. Love the design for the snippets tray.

  4. That is a very attractive design, and it is always good to use things from one's stash. Take a good rest.

  5. Nice little Christmas stitch and even better that it's from stash too.