Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Almost there

For the past few days I have been helping the HD3QBEM with her knitting.   We have these bright ideas but sometimes they are just too much for aged eyes.   So I picked up the 'needles without eyes" and valiantly knitted and purled halfway through a small sweater.   But I really do not enjoy knitting. For me it is a necessity when I want a new cardigan or sweater for myself.   My days of knitting happily to give generously are past- even if temporarily.  Although I may find that when I am in my late 80's I will become my mother?!@!
Anyway no photos of that.
But I needed some light relief and decided to begin construction on the Christmas Noel Tray.  It's cute and I am pleased but the teeny tiny buttons supplied with the chart are not a true Christmas green.  That, coupled with the fact that I am not using Dinky Dyes floss means they do not match.  So a roadblock. I will tack this together and then leave it until I find teeny tiny buttons in the correct green or red.
The inside looks pretty too.
A good press and the right buttons and this could be called a success.


  1. This is very cute! I did not imagine what the finished piece would be.

  2. Love the Christmas tray!
    I find knitting relaxing, more so than stitching sometimes.

  3. Maybe tack and add bows. Sometimes I have trouble finding the teeny tiny buttons. It is very pretty.

  4. I would absolutely call this a lovely and successful finish.

  5. Very neat Margaret, it's good that you can help your mum with the knitting. I feel the same as Maggie in that I find that knitting can be very relaxing.

  6. Little tray is adorable! Maybe beads? Or ribbons?

  7. I love the little tray and hope you can find something suitable to replace the tiny buttons.
    I may take up knitting when I'm 80 or I may just stitch with the fabric even closer to my eyes than now!