Thursday, 8 September 2016

It's official - I am below average

Today I had it confirmed.   I went, after a gap of some years, for a check and was told by a young, slim,  attractive woman that I was below normal.   At least the bone density of my hip and spine are;-)
Apparently at my age and stage there isn't too much I can do except have lots of weight bearing exercise, eats lots of yogurt, broccoli  and fish.   Sounds good to me.
Recently I started the Couch to 5Km programme as I no longer go to the gym after work and tonight I had broccoli and cheese for dinner with yogurt as dessert.  What a good girl am I.
Now I'm going to finish off a hardanger needlecase -  and my book.


  1. Me too Margaret. I receive an injection every six months to try to slow down my osteoporosis. Did she say you were osteopenic? I was told this years ago when I was first diagnosed and before I was put on medication. I'm currently waiting for the results of my last Dexa scan from a few weeks ago which will show if the injections are working or not.

  2. A change in diet and exercise can make a difference. A friend of mine made the necessary changes and her bone density improved.

  3. Good for you.....I should follow your lead and exercise....

  4. Sorry to hear you are below 'normal' but you are right, you can eat with maintaining your density in mind. Like you, I love those foods too luckily tho' I don't eat enough fish. I just love your Mary Beale wreath. Lovely work.

  5. At least they had some advice for you. I've only had one health MOT and she said I was incredibly healthy and got one of the lowest scores she'd seen, the only way I could have improved it was to be 20 years younger!

  6. Ah yes, am in the same club. Exercise plus a weekly pill... (sigh)