Thursday, 5 May 2016

When you are one tenth of the equation

Look what happens when you are only one tenth.

There are ten apartments in the block where I live, five are owner occupied and five are tenanted.   Chores such as putting out the rubbish bins, sweeping up the autumn leaves, picking up any stray litter are without exception done by the owner occupiers.  
Wish lists and disruptions are not so.   Today one of the tenants in fulfilling her wish list has caused a disruption.
Look what has happened to our lawn!   But one tenant has a broad smile on her face and is now connected to the expensive ultra fast broad band currently on offer.   Me?   I am happy with my old faithful cheaper version.   And like the hair on my head, the lawn will grow back again :-)


  1. Oh what a mess Margaret - I hope it all goes back the way it was and looks as good as new.