Saturday, 21 May 2016

And tomorrow the snow may fall

It has been a cold wet day here but the chores are all done and I have had free time to sort through some more possible Christmas ornaments.   But before I start anything else I need to finish what is already begun.
So Father Christmas got a hat and a sack and a tree tonight.   Tomorrow the snow will fall  and gaps will be filled.   Hopefully I will get the stitching on this one completed then.   He's looking good though and I am pleased with this one.
A start on a hardanger small didn't go so well.   Almost completely around and I find I am one fabric thread out.  Ouch!   I need to reverse out of that dilemma tomorrow.


  1. I too will be working back the way tomorrow. I was trying a new pattern for a foot/leg whilst knitting a toy and it wasn't quite right so it's back to square one.

  2. Oh dear....sorry to hear about your Hardanger the progress on Father Christmas.

  3. Nice Santa! I hate to have to reverse stitch. My sympathies.

  4. Santa is looking good. Sorry to hear about the frog's visit.