Thursday, 19 May 2016


Tonight I have finally made a start on a project I have been incubating for over two years.
Sandra kindly sent me some threads and I was inspired and energised.   Thank you very much Sandra.
So tonight I crocheted around some small 15mm rings and finger corded a suitable length.  The next step will be to join all these together artistically to make a necklace.   I wonder if that will be possible for me??   Anyway, I'm thinking this might be suitable to sell at the Guild Exhibition later this year.
Talking of exhibitions.   The Association of New Zealand Embroiderers Guilds is having their bi-ennial conference and exhibition in July and I have booked a days annual leave to go and view that and to visit the merchants mall.   July 15th!   Not so long to go.


  1. So neat and even Margaret, it's a clever idea.

  2. Betsy Morgan is going to be there!

  3. That's a clever idea Margaret, and so neat. Bet you can't wait for the exhibition, wish I was coming with you, there are so many talented people out there willing to show their amazing work.