Sunday, 15 May 2016

Christmas is coming

Two Christmas ornaments kitted up and ready to start.   I feel well prepared for the next time an attack of "start-itis" arrives.  Something small and quickly finished should not make too much of an impact on the two long-term projects I have on the go.
Can you guess which of these I am going to stitch?   I need to cut the linen to size and overlock the edges.
For this next one I plan to stitch some calico to all four sides so that I can use a hoop for the stitching.
All the requirements came from stash and I am really glad I keep all useful-looking scraps of linen.  So often they prove to be just right for ornaments.

1 comment:

  1. I personally would be going for number one on the blue page and the Santa Hat on the next page (because I've already stitched that).
    But I think you will choose the Quaker Joy and the Gingerbread one.
    Except that I've just spotted the colours! So now I'm saying Santa with the lantern and the Santa Hat!