Thursday, 12 May 2016

I've surfaced again

Twice a year Little Brother comes up to see the HD3QBEM and me and I am relegated to choose to sleep on a futon bed on the lounge floor.
For some strange reason, this time I slept nary a wink for both nights of his visit and this morning was giddy, nauseous and decidedly unwell.  Despite rising at my usual time and folding up the bedding I was far too unwell to attempt the drive to work, so curled up on the sofa and nodded off.   Once the others surfaced I took myself off to my own bed and didn't come to again until lunchtime.
This afternoon has been spent snoozing too.
And all that in explanation of why there are no stitching pictures to show!
And finally a complaint about antique Royal Doulton.   For Mothers' Day, Little Sister sent a beautiful orchid arrangement to the HD3QBEM.   It was stuck in a block of that green oasis stuff and so I searched among my meagre supplies to find a bowl in which to stand it.   Ah ha, I thought.   Paternal-Grandma's bowl is wide and deep and perfect for this.   And so it was, until today when I noticed that the bowl was stained inside and out with a deep brown tide mark which had leached into the small linen hand-embroidered-by-me doily underneath it.  
Oasis block and flower arrangements are now in a cheap cut glass bowl.   Cream coloured doily has met with bleach and is now clean again but Grandma's bowl?   Well, Mr Royal Doulton or whoever you are, what is a bowl for if not to put liquids in or didn't you think of things like that back in 1919?   I don't know whether to keep the wretched thing or dispose of it real quick.  There are a teapot, sugar bowl and cream jug in the same Shakespearean style from Maternal Grandma which will no doubt be equally useless should they have liquids added!


  1. What a shame about the bowl, I wonder if there is a very fine hairline crack in it that has caused the leak. Hope you are feeling better, not being able to sleep is just horrible and makes you feel like you've got jet lag.

  2. I wonder if the glazing has an issue Margaret, it could be crazing that's caused the water to seep through.
    I hope you feel much better after sleeping, it's scary what sleep deprivation does to the body.