Friday, 13 May 2016

Reverse stitching

Last night I carefully reversed my way out of the great colour dilemma.  
Thank you to all who suggested colour alternatives.  I plan on finishing off what is there now and then deciding on the "top" and "bottom" but will probably go with the idea of repeating the blue at the top and the green at the bottom (as per the perspective of this photo).

But tonight is not the night for such major decisions.   I am tired and ready for bed.


  1. Reverse stitching is no fun! I hope you get it the way you like. Every time you post about this, I want to start a Bargello project.

  2. Bargello is perfect when you don't want to concentrate too much. Have a good weekend Margaret.

  3. Beautiful....I love the look of Bargello.

  4. How frustrating but I think it was the right decision. The other colours all look so good together.