Friday, 20 May 2016

I'm a winner

My colleagues have been organising various fund raisers for Breast Cancer Research.  A red velvet cake raffle, a pink themed morning tea, a Pink Clothing Mufti Day and "the lolly jar".   I was forced persuaded to pay my $2 and make a guess. The prize was a jar of pink lollies.
Look at it!   Would I really want to win that.   I reluctantly paid my money and wrote down my guess -  a suitably ridiculous high number that would surely put me out of the running.
Then I watched as others held the jar and slowly revolved it while trying to count.   Still others attempted to calculate from weight.   Others took a great stab in the dark.   The manager in charge remained impassive while telling everyone that one guess was really close.
Lovely, I thought.   Not me.  My guess is totally unrealistic.
Then after lunch this email appeared

Yes!!  I won the jar.   Others will have to eat it and already I have lots of " close friends" calling by my desk :-)


  1. I wouldn't want the lollies either, but that looks like a great jar for your crafty bits. I have 3 very similar in green and am looking for some in a pinky wine colour now.

  2. Spoken like a true crafter, Sandra! I am sure you are very popular at work now Margaret.

  3. Your guess was very close Margaret, isn't it typical though that it was a prize that you didn't really want.

  4. Dear Margaret, I've been reading your blog for years...
    I've never laughed as hard / loudly at one of your posts. You sound exactly LIKE ME!
    The love you and your Sweet Mother to bits!