Saturday, 14 May 2016

A great weekend

In the spirit of Pollyanna, I am glad that there is still Sunday left in this weekend.
Today has been a glorious golden Autumn day.   The baking is done.  The cleaning is done.  The library visit is done. The green grocer has been visited.  The to-do-list is all crossed off.  The HD3QBEM has been fed and watered, had her hair washed and her fingernails trimmed.  I have been for a walk outside in the sunshine.   All is right with my world - I think.
And look what I have been doing.
A mathematical equation here.
32 count linen + DMC perle cotton thread + two wooden heads + a gifted chart = an angel or two (some time in the future)
Heather from Whanganui kindly sent me a large head for the tree topper angel and a small head for the ornament angel.  Thank you so much Heather.   Everything else I have in my stash.   I'm thinking Antique White linen for the ornamental angel and pure white for the tree topper.  So with all supplies to hand I am ready to start.

But guess what?   The HD3QBEM has reminded me that there are six nieces and nephews who require a Christmas ornament for their tree and that I have not yet started these.   So tonight,  in between some more work on my florentine stitch bag,  I will sort through my large pile of JCS Christmas ornament issues and choose.
And finally, this beautiful maple is desperately trying to prove that it is Autumn.   Our nights are not yet cold enough to turn many leaves red so we have varying shades of gold around here.


  1. Enjoy what's left of your weekend Margaret, the sun is shining here too but it's really quite chilly.

  2. What a wonderful day! Better get started on those ornaments!

  3. How exciting to see the angel all ready! It did not occur to me that you would need to buy heads LOL

  4. margaret, you are one busy gal. I love all your projects and those angels will be beauts I bet.