Friday, 6 May 2016


This tumbled mass is two fronts and a sleeve so I am officially half way on the re-knit of the green cardigan.

However I am putting this aside in an effort to make time for some stitching again.
Withdrawal symptoms have hit me badly.   As strange as it may seem, I find stitching a far more effective stress relief than knitting and have therefore decided that I need that relief more than I need a new cardigan.
So onward and upwards to a less-stressed-Margaret!


  1. Lovely stitching - can hardly wait to see what you pick up to work on next.

  2. Yay for stress relief! Looking forward to seeing what you decide to stitch first.

  3. Pretty sweater. If only it were more stress-relieving...

  4. Sorry to hear you feel like this, especially when you have worked so fast on this cardigan. However, it will keep until you are ready for some knitting therapy, until then get on with another stitch project. It is always soothing!