Thursday, 23 January 2014

The year begins with HOPE

My To-Do list for 2014 is not long or complicated.  Only 15 items.  I pat myself on the back for showing such restraint!
Logically speaking if I list "Stitch five ornaments" and then complete six or seven or eight I can count that as a roaring success n'est pas?
But let's not get carried away -only the first of the five is completed.
 From JCS Ornament issue 2013 - stitched with DMC floss substitutions on 32 count linen of unknown origins.   I intend to stitch this orphan linen full of ornaments and in October have a mammoth construction session.
 Do you think this piece of fabric might fit more than the planned five?
Last night television here in New Zealand had a much delayed screening of the Downton Abbey Christmas Special.  Lovely,  but so many unanswered questions.  Does Edith find Michael again?   Is there a future for Miss Bunting?   Will Mary choose Tony or Charles or neither?  Does Carson find love or is that a red herring?    So many questions and so long to wait until Season Five reaches the Antipodes.   I wish this series was actually based on a book because then I could read ahead and satisfy my curiosity! I  love the costumes.  Edith had some beautiful dresses and I envy not only those fabrics but her porcelain skin!

I need to finish the Hardanger Sewing Pod before starting anything else.   So I'm off to do so.


  1. That looks like a big piece of fabric Margaret, you're going to be busy stitching ornaments if you want to fill it. I've never watched Downton - it's just never appealed for some reason. Did I ever suggest that you might want to read the Poldark set of books written by Winston Graham. There's twelve of them and I'm currently reading them for around the the fourth time.

  2. Lovely ornament. I think you will be able to fit quite a few on that piece of fabric.

  3. I'm a list maker too. I like when I can cross something off. I think you can fit quite a few ornaments. The hard part would be to wait until all of the ornaments are stitched to finish them. I want to finish finish the ornament as soon as the stitching is done.

  4. Lovely colors (and stitching) in your HOPE ornament.

  5. Lovely stitching - keep us posted on your progress.

  6. Great ornie Margaret! I think you can fit quite a few on that piece of linen! And good to make a to-do list. I should do the same as I always get sidetracked. I love Downton Abbey. The clothes and hair and decor. So much for the eyes to feast on.