Saturday, 25 January 2014

A long weekend

Monday is a public holiday in Auckland so this weekend is relaxed.   I know I have time to complete all my chores.  However the weather man had promised only one fine day so I rose early this morning to make a start on the "outside jobs".   The runner beans have finished fruiting so they were pulled, along with numerous weeds and in the company of two really tame starlings, I tidied up the garden.  Fertiliser was sprinkled on and hopefully the promised rain will wash it down into the soil.   However the rain may mean that the car does not get washed.   Oh dear ;-)

Next, the HD3QBEM and I went to the butchers shop.   We go and stock the freezer every three months.   I had determined to clean and de-ice the freezer so today was the day!   All done and I feel satisfied to cross that item off the list and to have a basic menu planned for the next weeks.

As a reward we went out to sushi for lunch (again!) and on the way home I called at my LNS for some more DMC perle for this.
The Hardanger Sewing Pod is coming along nicely. Currently I am working on the third side.
I followed the instructions exactly for the tacking out but there is a lot of 'waste' linen so I plan on making a hardanger tassel and will stitch the pieces in these excess waste areas.   Surely such frugality means I can add an item as small as a tassel to my 2014 list?


  1. I love weekends like this. The pod is coming along nicely!

  2. The pod is gorgeous! Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend.

  3. You are so busy and so organised Margaret, I used to be like that when I worked full time. The more time I have - the more time I waste.

  4. Your work is stunning! Can't wait to see this one finished and put together!!