Saturday, 11 January 2014

And the scars to prove it...

Today the HD3QBEM has been unwell so it has been a very quiet day chez nous.   Enforced seclusion for me meant that I crossed another couple of items of The List.
First up the Christmas Tree.  
This kit was an impulse purchase a few years ago.  
Such a simple idea really but stitching the corners of the triangles together was really hard on my fingertips - and on my thumbnail which got used as a thimble to push the needle through.
I have several thimbles but find them very hard to use.   Even when wearing one I tend to push the needle with the next un-thimbled finger!   How contrary is that?!   I shall have to moderate my efforts for a day or two and let the fingertip recover.
Second, I managed to complete the first side of the Hardanger Sewing Pod and while fighting my hatred dislike of picots I decided on what I shall stitch as a small gift for Little Brother.   On the whole men are hard to stitch for I find,  but I think my inspiration will hit the spot.   Little Sister loved her journal book cover with the Floral Embroidered 'H'.  
Monday I go back to work and settle back into a regular routine.   That will surely be better for my eating habits but fewer items will be crossed off The List - oh dear, sob sob.   Next weekend I have an Embroiderers Gathering to go to and am looking forward to that.   Maybe the anticipation will make Monday to Friday go by quicker?
Tonight Phryne Fisher will keep me company as the HD3QBEM has gone to bed.   And as a treat I am going to choose a Christmas Ornament as a new start.   Surely today's scarred fingertips mean I deserve a new start!


  1. Good for you! What a great finish - I understand about your poor fingers - I keep tape and gauze handy, as I never know when I'll need them;)
    Happy stitching

  2. The little Christmas tree is adorable - perhaps worth the injured fingers??
    (I cannot sew without a thimble, a habit taught by my mother many years ago.)

  3. I just love that little tree Margaret, can I please ask the name of the kit as I'd like to do a web search for it if possible. I can't use a thimble either and have tried so many different types over the years. The only thing that comes close to being reasonable is the Clover "leather tip" that sits on your finger without covering it at all. I used to use that when I did a little quilting and applique. I do hope your mum feels better very soon.

  4. Oh, poor fingers! Of course you deserve a new start! The little Christmas tree does look as though it was worth the pain. It's adorable!

  5. I was the despair of my mum regarding thimbles so can sympathise. Best wishes to your mum, hope she gets better quickly. Love the Hardanger and look forward to seeing the new start.

  6. The tree looks lovely. And I can relate. I hate thimbles, and often wreck my fingers because of it. ;(