Wednesday, 8 January 2014

And what are you going to do, she asked

Today I'm still on holiday so the HD3QBEM and I went out to ..... where else but the LNS!   Well, we went to two LNS actually -  one north and one south.   What did I buy you ask?   A length of 40 count fabric for a future (far in the future) project, a new pair of hardanger scissors and some EPP hexagons.
Then in the afternoon while the HD3QBEM slept I ventured out to the dress fabric store .... two of them actually - one east and one west.
At the first I bought nothing but scrounged a couple of samples, which having brought home and thought about, I will go back and purchase tomorrow.   Lining for the Naxos Necessaire -  a splendid exact match red gingham check silk.   Perfect!   The other is a navy and ivory check in a silk viscose mix which will make a gorgeous pair of soft trousers.
At the second shop I inspected every single roll of fabric and finally I found what I was looking for.   Also it was here that I found the title for this blog post.  The helpful shop assistant asked me "what are you going to do with it?" and when I replied, "make a nightgown" she swallowed, then said "the last lady who bought this was going to make her wedding dress"!!!   It was ....guess... silk!   But summer sales are so useful and silk nightgowns are gorgeous to wear.   I currently wear silk nightgowns I purchased 17 years ago so I consider that quality lasts!   Anyway here's a shot of the fabric.
Now I promised Jo some photos of my planned projects.   Not all of them are in a state to photograph but I have two or three that are
First   the Acorn Sewing Roll.   Stitching is complete and I plan to buy a suitable lining fabric and complete this over the remainder of the month.   I unpicked the acorn in the bottom diamond and substituted an M which suits me better.
Second  Ring O Roses   I am stitching on 32 count linen from stash which is Belfast Dirty Linen I think and using the Threadworx floss shown.   This will be my Guild piece for the year so I won't be working on it any more than once a month on Guild days.
Third is this Christmas Tree.   Currently still not completed, this really only requires one evening of disciplined effort and it will be done.   This was a kit purchased from a local quilting shop as an impulse and it languished in my cupboard for a couple of years.   With 2014 being my year of steely resolve, this is now all but finished.
 And Jo, just so you won't worry too much I also have the following on the ever growing list
My Favourite Things Sewing Basket
Mermaid's Sea Chest
One more Altoid Tin Topper
5 Christmas Ornaments
C A Wells Cottage Etui
French House Etui
Merry Bee Notebook cover

I think that should keep me out of mischief for a few months and if I am honest I should add that I am going to do a Casalguidi course at my Embroiderers' Guild in March.  Three Saturdays a couple of weeks apart as there is apparently a lot of homework to do.   I'm expecting that hardanger and cross stitch will get put to one side while this course is on.

Today I harvested yet more beans from my garden.   Each day I pick enough to freeze for future meals and I try to ensure that no pickable bean is left on the vines.   I look up, look down, look in, look around.   Two, three, four and sometimes even five times.  Why? Because I know that if I miss a bean it will grow and grow and grow and be unusable!   Like this one.
A giant bean, over 30 centimetres in length but far too mature and woody to be useful.   How on earth could I have missed that?

Now I am off to a cool shower and another hot night.


  1. Lovely projects. It sounds like you had a fun day of shopping too.

  2. I can relate to the silk nightwear. I love my silky nightshirts and wouldn't wear anything else. I love the acorn piece, it's very pretty.

  3. I have the same problem with my zucchini ~ miss just one and it turns into a marrow overnight ... glad you had an enjoyable day out ... J

  4. Thank you for sharing your projects, I am happy now! I think the acorn sewing roll is my favourite, I love autumnal themed pieces.
    I'm sure your silk nightgown will be lovely, I am currently in fleecy pyjamas due to the weather!