Saturday, 18 January 2014

A new discovery and a small finish

This week I managed to finish a small book mark for Little Brother.   He indulges my embroidery hobby with smiles, occasional evidence of some interest and frequent chortles, so I was not about to create a huge framed masterpiece for his wall.   One interest we do have in common (with differing levels of obsession) is reading so a bookmark seemed a safe choice.   Little Brother is also a keen beekeeper so - the result?  This!

The design is unashamedly pilfered in bits and pieces from charts in my stash but overall I am pleased with the finished result.   On 32 count cream Belfast linen with left over Autumn Harvest Silk 'N Threads floss this was all from stash which has raised the happiness factor.
So this week the mailman can carry this off to Little Brother who will hopefully put it to good use and not chortle that the bees look like blowflies.
This morning I went with the HD3QBEM to a shopping mall on the north side of the city.   A shoe shop there carries her favourite ECCO brand but unfortunately nothing appealed today.   However we did discover Crafty Knitwits Cafe to which my wool-lover HD3QBEM could rapidly become addicted, I think.
Cute little tables covered in vintage textiles with hand embroidered linen napkins and cooking like Grandma used to make.  Fabric covered lampshades, menu cards in sweet little quilted covers.   All of this surrounded by woollen yarns and tempting knitting patterns.   Perhaps it was fortunate that she sported a Vision Impaired badge and was therefore legally unable to see and be tempted to purchase yet more yarn :-)   Down the stairs was a treasure trove of quilting fabrics.   Just as well I have a to-do list for 2014 and so was not be tempted to acquire.
Great place though and a delicious Hot Chocolate so we shall be back!
Last night I started the first Christmas ornament for 2014 - as a stop gap until my floss order arrives from ABCStitch.   I ordered the floss at the beginning of November and on Friday had an email to say it was being dispatched.   What an excessively long turn around time.   I shall be pleased when it arrives and I can make a start on The Mermaids Chest.
Now I am off to pick beans and Sweet Peas from the garden.   Tonight we are having salmon sushi for dinner and after that my car needs a wash.   With that today's list should be complete.


  1. I hope 'little brother' loves his bookmark. I think it's adorable. I have a thing for bees.

  2. ABC did the same to me so I canceled after six weeks and more. Went with another store.

  3. The bookmark looks perfect for a beekeeper. I'd love to find a café and shop like the one you and your mother visited! weren't you even a little bit tempted to acquire something new?

  4. Love the bookmark, I would have chosen that colour too. Shame about ABC, I ordered a couple of charts from them and they arrived quickly to the recipient, but this was in the US. Can't even blame the post! Maybe a case of forgottenorderitis :(
    What a wonderful shop and such restraint from you both!

  5. Your brother should be pleased with his very special book mark.
    Cute shop. What fun to enjoy shopping and refreshments all in one!

  6. The bookmark is very neat and beautifully finished Margaret. The old fashioned embroidered table cloths took me back in time:-) I've got into the habit of buying from stores that show stock levels or dropping an email to check before ordering. You can tell I've been caught out and it gets so frustrating.

  7. What a wonderful finish! I'm sure he will LOVE it.

  8. Cute shop. I hope your brother appreciates his bookmark. I have been complaining about not getting my order two weeks after making it (but I am in the same country as the shops I'm ordering from). I think Amazon has spoiled us because things arrive so quickly, but I also think there is much more the cross stitch industry could get right about supply and manufacture!

  9. Lovely book mark, I am sure he will love it. It really looks beautifully neatly finished.
    The cafe/shop looks great too, what a lovely idea.