Friday, 3 January 2014

Santa came late for me

Today I have had a really productive day - stitching a muslin mock up of a new dress.   Of course this involved endless dressing and undressing, sewing and unpicking but I am satisfied that I have the pattern adjusted to suit now and so the fabric is cut and tomorrow I with the help of my 50 year old Elna machine will sew the real thing.  
Besides that, I promised the HD3QBEM a new bag for her blood pressure machine.  Diving into my stash I found a zipper.   Too long?   No problems; I know how to shorten this.   Fabric of suitable colour?  Back to the stash.   Too soft??  No problems; I have "giggle cloth" to stiffen this.   So away I went and before the HD3QBEM had even got out of bed the bag was finished and what's more - it worked!
Then the second altoid tin was all glued together and finished.  Two down and one to go.   I find the twisted cord edging of these difficult to finish neatly.   However I have three tins so will persist with one more but I can't see this finish becoming an all time favourite.   Next visit to the LNS and I must look for tiny scissors to go in this one or the lettering on top will be a lie.
The HD3QBEM finds it difficult to get out shopping unaccompanied now so for Christmas I was asked to provide a list of what I'd like and she chose one item off that.   Today we went to the local mall where Santa brought these to me...
My new dress is navy and white so I can see these getting a lot of use.  
And that's my report for today.   We are promised a humid 19 0C tonight so I am planning on sitting up late in company with Henning Mankell on my Library eBook.


  1. So much done! I look forward to seeing the dress.

  2. You have so much patience when it comes to sewing and needlework. I do like your new ear-rings. In terms of jewellery, ear-rings are my favourite item.

  3. Gorgeous earrings and the altoid tin looks lovely! That would be so handy to have. I think I will have a look around and see if I can find something similar to do. xx