Saturday, 4 January 2014

Dress Number 3

Today I started early and now have only the hem to do on dress number three.   I took this photograph so that Little Sister could see!   I'm particularly pleased to be able to reuse the belt from a dress I bought 22 years ago!   As I am not a hoarder of any great repute it was amazing to me that I had a belt which suited this dress.   Most items unused for any length of time find their way to the charity shop.
The pattern for this came all the way from London and along with the tissue pattern and instruction booklet had this cute little label.   A great finishing touch.  Apologies for the fuzzy shot.
Tonight I spent ages stitching an acorn onto the point of the sewing roll and thought it would look OK.   It doesn't.   So tomorrow I will spend ages taking it out (silk couched with gold kreinik - oh dear) and then go through my books and charts to find an 'M' to fit the space.   Note to self -  do not attempt to design you are no good at it!
Now I am off to bed, perchance to sleep.   We are promised another tropical night of 19 0 heat.


  1. Beautiful dress! So professional!

    Don't give up on designing.

  2. Lovely dress.Adore the fabric. If it makes you feel any cooler it is 7°F here this morning. And at some point, I'm going to have to walk the dog...

  3. Lovely dress, you're making the most of your break. The acorn looks fine but I know what you mean when you aren't happy with the way something looks. Enjoy what's left of your break.

  4. I like it too but you are looking at the real thing..... Love the dress. Snowing hard here!

  5. Darling dress! Don't give up on your designs!!

  6. The dress looks gorgeous! I have to be honest but the acorn looks great to me (even enlarged) but I know what it is like when you are not happy with it. I had that problem just before Christmas!