Saturday, 5 October 2013

Embroiderers' Guild regional meeting

Today started early!   I left home at 6:30am to travel to Coromandel Town where a regional meeting of the Embroiderers' Guilds was being held.   These days are such fun.   You get to see what others have stitched, what others are currently stitching and sometimes, if you are lucky, you get to hear what they are planning to stitch.   As a bonus you come home chock full of inspiration and ideas.   Well, at least, I do.
This regional day was no exception.   Close up photos of the work of others is rather frowned on (I do wonder why?)  but this is a shot of part of the table displays of work from each of the eleven guilds.
I do so enjoy seeing what others have made.   I filled a couple of pages of my little notebook with one or two ideas - even a sketch and I really cannot draw.   Not even a straight line ;-)
Some clever planning on the part of the host Guild meant that their annual exhibition was also on display at the cute little house which doubles as the Arts Centre for the small town.   The exhibition was fantastic.   I was sooooooooo frustrated that I couldn't photograph the pieces I liked best.   Again here's a general shot.   Look at all the people bent over peering at the work.   I was one of those!
The two items on the pillar in the foreground were the raffle prizes - Embroidery and Gourmet - I wonder if one of my tickets will be drawn?
While listening to the speaker ( self confessed bead-aholic) and the beautiful singing of the invited musical group I managed to make a start on a small Quaker Christmas Stocking.   This is a scrap of 28 count raw linen and my favourite DMC 115.
If I can manage to stay awake long enough I will watch Phryne Fisher before bed.  Hope you all have a fine, warm and enjoyable weekend like me.


  1. Great to read your comments on the Regional day in Coromandel felt rather sad that I could not make the trip up there this time.

  2. Wow sound like a fun trip...lots of beautiful stitching display
    Sweet new start
    Hugs x

  3. Sounds like alot of fun, wish we had these gatherings here.
    Maybe someday we will I hope.
    Thanks for sharing your trip, I enjoyed the photos greatly and your little quaker looks great!
    Hugs from
    Anette and Skruttan

  4. I wish I could attend the regional EGA get together! I know what you mean about the photos. You have a great start on the stocking. I'll look forward to seeing it finished soon.

  5. Sounds like a great day, you made a great start on the stocking

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