Saturday, 19 October 2013

Chores, grocery shopping and workshop - all complete!

I rose early today as I was determined to get my car cleaned and to lay the sprinkler hose in my vegetable garden.   Knowing that both of these tasks would probably result in rain, so rendering them unnecessary, I nevertheless persisted and accomplished both before breakfast!   Then it was a quick trip to the grocery store before spending the afternoon at Embroiderers' Guild.
Today at Guild it was "Workshop Day" with each different table having a different project.   Most were for Christmas and featured jolly red Santas.
I chose to do the felt covered tape measure and had my first close encounter with the Colonial Knot.   We did not get along and parted company quite quickly, with me deciding to practise in the quiet of my own home.
Instead I decided on Lazy Daisy Stitch which went smoothly.   Once the decorated side was completed the two felt circles were whipped together, remembering to insert the tape measure at the crucial point.   The "pull" is a tassel of the same floss used for the embroidery and the whipped stitch join is covered with a fancy black braid which is oversewn on.  
All completed and perhaps unlikely to be replicated without some adjustments.   Instead of merely using an educated guess to sight the circle of flowers, I think using tailors chalk to actually draw the circle and space the flowers evenly would be better.   Also, more uniform way to stitch the leaves would be an improvement. I think some more of the small pearl beads, perhaps in a ring between the button and the flowers?   I have black felt, another tape measure, floss, pearl beds and am only lacking the impetus.


  1. Wow so beautiful..I love it so much
    Hugs x

  2. Lovely! Not sure it needs to be so regular, but whatever makes you happy!

  3. I think it turned out perfectly! I look forward to seeing your next one.

  4. The tape measure cover is very pretty. I love little toolie things! I miss going to guild functions and stitching with other members.