Sunday, 27 October 2013

Back home again

We have just this afternoon arrived home from a brief visit to Napier for my nephew's wedding.   Five hours driving each way means both I and the HD3QBEM are rather weary.
The weather was fantastic - hot and sunny and perfectly suitable for an outdoors wedding.  Actually despite sunscreen I got a little burnt sitting in the sun waiting for the bride who was fashionably late!
The table markers were specially labelled bottles of wine.  Of course!   The reception was at a winery so what else.
The bride had chosen a colour scheme of black and white with touches of pink - even on the cake!
But yours truly wore black and white and blue!   And in this photo taken in the barrel room I can show off both my new dress and my kyphotic spine!
Tomorrow is Labour Day holiday here in New Zealand and I hope to get all items on my list of chores crossed off before going back to work on Tuesday.


  1. Welcome back home dear :)
    Hugs x

  2. How time flies! It seems like I was just reading about how you would make a dress for the October wedding, then seeing the dress being made, and now October is almost over.The dress is beautiful and it sounds like it was a nice event.