Sunday, 13 October 2013

From Jewellery Box to Jewellery Bag

Back in April 2012 I started stitching what supposedly destined to become a Jewellery Box.  This was an SAL with Judy O'Dell on her Just a Thought forum.   No pictures were supplied -  this was totally a mystery but a box with a jewellery pouch and roll and ..... were promised so full of enthusiasm I put needle to linen.
The front and back were duly stitched.   Charts were provided for the sides and the lid but when I realised that there were thousands if not tens of thousands of small gold beads to be sewn in each space of the green grid, I turned green!   Besides which there was kilometres of ruched green silk ribbon to sew around the central cartouche and around the edge of the lid!  At this point interest began to wane.  
Then Judy said she was not going on with the project so none of the "internal pieces" would be forthcoming.   At this point my interest level vanished.    But what to do with the front and the back?
Well if not a Jewellery Box then how about a Jewellery Bag?   After all, I had promised my Mikimoto Pearls a new home.  
And eighteen months after the first stitch, voila!   The bag  complete with flannel padding,  linen lining and zipper closure.
I am soooo pleased to have this finished.   Two more WIP's to complete before Christmas and nothing new.   I have promised myself a new start on Boxing Day, 26th December, when the HD3QBEM and I leave for a well earned holiday.   Will my self control hold out?   Watch this space.


  1. Wow so pretty
    Big hugs x

  2. Beautiful pouch Margaret - I think your finish is just perfect.

  3. Very pretty and what a wonderful use for them :)

  4. This is beautiful. Such a nice finish! You are so good about completing things.

  5. Beautiful stitching! Beautiful finish!

  6. I started this one too, Margaret. I love the way you thought out of the box to finish it :)