Friday, 11 October 2013

This was a bit of a worry

To find this in front of me was rather a worry
But in actual fact it was supposed to be a "funny" advertisement for a slatted blind cleaning service!!
Tonight is made for sitting indoors - it is a howling gale outside and thunder and lightning are predicted.   Fine by me, as I have a hem stitch border to finish and lots of Christmas Presents to stitch at the foot of my Suffolk Puff Tree.   It would be good to get both those items crossed off the list.
As usual, my weekend list is long and involves some chores on behalf of the HD3QBEM but one joy and delight is to go to my LNS and spend a gift voucher.   I'll let you know what I decide on.


  1. I've always appreciated those kind of word plays. Trying to explain them to native Japanese speakers who are learning English is so difficult.
    I love to be inside stitching when it storms outside. I hope you get a lot accomplished!

  2. Enjoy your time at lns
    Happy stitching tome x

  3. Weather not much better down here have a weekend of stitching planned
    enjoy your stitching weekend.

  4. Sign on the truck made me laugh. definitely a cute ad! Have fun at the LNS! I went to mine today. :)