Friday, 8 February 2013

Festival of broken needles

Today, February 8th is the festival of Broken Needles.   All over Japan women gather at Shrines and Temples to tuck needles and pins into a slab of soft tofu as thanks are made for good and faithful service.

Late last year, under the tutelage of Susan Elliot I made a Hari Kuyo Needlebook in which the last page is the resting place for bent, broken and unserviceable needles.   So I have need to resort to a slab of soft tofu when I have a page of soft doctors flannel.  If you get a chance to take an Eclass with Susan I certainly recommend do.   I had such fun making mine.

But it is here I should admit that my most used and well loved needlebook is in fact this one
Oh the wonders of the internet.   Browsing one day around six or seven years ago I found this, wrote away to the Valley Quail Chapter of the EGA and some days later this wonder arrived.   It has been my friend ever since.  

You can read about it in more detail here I highly recommend these.
But where do I keep my supply/store of needle packets?   Most of my many hussifs, needlecases and etuis have packets of needles in them but the bulk store is in this.
Some years ago I took a Schwalm class with a local needlework teacher and this needle packet case was her design.   
It has been so very useful and is usually stuffed to the gunwales with packets - as you can see I am not exactly loyal to any one particular brand.  I prefer Piecemakers but my choice is made by price so generally it is good old John James!   
So with thanks for needles, needle books, and all the good service these embroidery tools give me year in year out....


  1. hello dear, it is really very interesting..i love this festival so much..i will make a page too on my needle book for this :)
    sweet needle book..
    have a lovely day x

  2. Interesting...I never knew about this festival. Love your needlebook!

  3. I love your needle packet case, it's very clever.

  4. A moving celebration Margaret. Your needlebook is wonderful and the Schwalm piece is gorgeous. I am with you, Piecemakers are the best;)

  5. That schwalm needlecase holder is really great. Maybe I'll make one of those next. Happy Harikuyo to all the stitchers in New Zealand, And may you Margaret, have a very blessed year of beautiful stitches. susan

  6. I've never heard of this festival before reading your post. How interesting!

    I love your Schwalm needlecase and all of it's little pockets.

  7. One never has enough needles or needlecases.

  8. Margaret your Schwalm embroidery on your needle case is so very beautiful.