Sunday, 10 February 2013

Black and White

Yesterday afternoon I went to the City Art Gallery.  No particular reason.   I juts happen to think this is an asset to our city and deserves patronage.   I also rather like the massive silk flower chandelier in the main atrium so wanted another look at that.   Currently the main exhibition is on rock and roll -  not my forte so I didn't even go up to level 3.  There were plenty of other beautiful paintings and sculptures in the other gallery rooms - certainly enough to keep me happy.

Then last night I "blackworked" while watching Silk and A Touch of Frost.
Obviously both were dark enough of plot to help me out and I have managed to complete the flower for the etui lid.   The twisted gold 'flower' in the centre is a bead which will become the pull to lift the lid.
I also did two small squares for a mini biscornu - for the pin cushion.  
Now my plan is to do a mini-strawberry for a scissor fob and if space permits I may try to fit in a small needle case/holder of some description.   There is only so much that the tin will hold.   Apart from the needlework tools to fill the tin, one of my challenges is to line the tin.   I have some black ultrasuede and will experiment with plain calico to see what shape I need to cut and glue in.   That may have to be next weekend's project.  A couple of weeks and this should be finished.  
My February Christmas Ornament is completed ( a picture is promised at month end), as is the February page for the NMMSAL.   I find myself wanting to start a bigger (= takes-longer-to-complete) project.  There are many such in my stash already and I will choose one from there.   All I know at the moment is that ti will definitely not be blackwork nor will it be pure cross stitch.   I am ready for a challenge!


  1. Art Museums and blackwork - both my favorites! I can hardly wait to see the completed etui.

  2. The goldwork flower is very impressive Margaret.

  3. Your black work is looking stunning

  4. Very pretty Margaret! Can't wait to see it all put together.

  5. Your blackwork looks tunning.

  6. All these pieces will be great together, love that flower. CJ in OK