Thursday, 14 February 2013

Blackwork Etui Progress report

It was October last year that my boss gave me this tin which held, in a purpose built plastic moulded inner, three lip glosses.
I could immediately see in my mind's eye a small needlework etui.  Some time later I began to stitch and after several dead ends and disasters I now have...
Scissors, pincushion, lid.   What else do I need?  
Chris, at work, is making me some polished stainless steel floss winders.
I will have to invent a needle holder and a thimble holder - something small - and then this long-dreamed-of etui might be considered almost finished.   This tin is not a Pandora's box and with limited capacity it will not hold a tape measure as well as a strawberry and a tiny biscornu.
The biscornu only needs tiny gold capped tassels on its four high points.
I do like the black strawberry with its gold "seeds".   I have been saving this teeny tiny pair of scissors for this project.   I'm thinking of covering the yellow tip protector with black ultrasuede -  we shall see.   That may be too difficult and I'll need to live with the yellow.
Some investigation on the internet has given me basic mathematical instructions for lining the inside of the tin (both lid and base) and I have a fine back ultrasuede which I intend to use.  I hope it will all work out.

What have I learned from this adventure?
  1. I have no passion for designing. 
  2. I would not choose blackwork as my favourite stitching technique.
  3. I am never satisfied unless I can scientifically prove that something is completed perfectly and there is no method of objective evaluation for a self design :-)
However (and I am trying to have a Pollyanna moment everyday) I am happy that this "tin inspired" etui is going to be completed in time to enter our Embroiderer's Guild Exhibition.  Hopefully it will look cute on the smalls table.


  1. For someone who has no passion for designing this is pretty awesome!

  2. Love your blackwork Strawberry.
    Have you ever covered a retractable round tape measure ? I do them with black felt on the bottom and sides and embroidery on the top it would be possible to make one and have it as the stand for your etui tin

  3. I love it! How creative you are! I find myself looking around the apartment for my own tin.

  4. The whole set is beautiful--I really like the strawberry. I'm sure it will be a main attraction of the smalls table. Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. Wow the whole set is just so beautiful..I love them so much.
    Love for you x

  6. It will look FABULOUS on the smalls table and really stand out for sure. You did a great job!

  7. Your Etui is stunning. Really looking forward to seeing everything all finished. You may not have a passion for designing, but you sure have a gift.

  8. Wonderful job Margaret - designing and creating. The black and white is classy.

  9. Wow! For someone that doesn't have a desire to design you did a fantastic job. It will look gorgeous on the smalls table. Great job Margaret!

  10. I think that your etui will stand out on the smalls table. You may not like designing but you have created a beautiful set.