Sunday, 24 February 2013

A Trip Down Memory Lane

This weekend the HD3QBEM and I have been for a road trip down wonderful  Memory Lane.
We went to Waitangi where 73 years ago she had joined in the Centenary celebrations of the signing of The Treaty (our country's founding document).   We found the Centennial Photo Album in the Treaty House so I secretly filmed the two pages that brought back most memories.
This is what she remembers of it then....
And today....
And haven't the fashions changed....
We spent a lot of the day looking back...

And what were the two words I heard most that day .... "I remember.."
It was such a worthwhile visit and brought such a lot of pleasure both to the HD3QBEM and to me.
Then in the afternoon we took a further diversion down memory lane and went past my late grandparents home in Kaikohe.   Obviously the current owners are in renovation mode.
We then went off the main road onto what could definitely be described as a lane: not sealed, just rough dusty stones, and we drove for around five or six kilometres to find her old school.   There was a small river, she said.   And a small hillock.  And a large prosperous farm. And two huge oak trees where we played.   Not in my eyes.   It was dusty, run down, and the only sign of a river were a couple of dilapidated bridges.   Stifling my incredulity we continued driving and then hey presto -  the memories were correct and here was the school house.
Although I couldn't see him there was obviously a very vocal unfriendly bull mastiff behind that gate, so I wasn't going to knock and ask to go see if there was another oak tree and a small river and a hillock.   Thank God for zoom lenses on cameras and for mothers with good memories for the days of 75 years ago and poor eyesight for the current state of dilapidation!
But the trip was not all nostalgia.
We found a yarn store
And a patchwork shop in a cute old cottage

Altogether a most satisfactory road trip.   We are both tired but happy!


  1. Memory lane - I know it well. We all need to visit on occasion if for nothing else but to appreciate where we are now. Thanks for sharing. CJ in OK

  2. You are so blessed to be blue to share trips like this with your mother ~ thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing this trip Margaret, I enjoyed seeing the photos. Your mum is looking great.

  4. What a great trip! How wonderful that you could share it with your mother!

  5. What a wonderful trip for both you and your mom. You are both so fortunate to have each other.

  6. Such a lovely trip you had with your mother Margaret. She looks like she had a splendid time!!

  7. Thank you for sharing your Mum's trip down memory lane.

  8. Sounds like you both had a wonderful time

  9. What a great trip down memory lane for your mother. I'm sure she really appreciated that you took her on this little road trip. She looks like she had a great time.

  10. Margaret, a great day for the HD3QBEM, memories are so important to them. Yes after the Chch quake, we have all our medication in one easy place, emergency numbers, and a torch, by the bed and in the kitchen, and a pack sort of packed. Here in Marton we seem to have the quakes bypass us, but then there is always a first. Lovely to read your blog again,Cheers from Jean

  11. p.s. hopped to you from Tanya's post about the latest quake in Japan. Jean.

  12. What a great trip down Memory Lane. She looks quite sprightly for someone HD and 3QB too!
    One of my favourite books is a local history book which shows Now and Then photos, it's interesting for people who can't remember the olden days as well as those that can. It also enables carers and grandchildren to discuss the photos with the elderly person.

  13. Sounds like you both had a great road trip down memory lane.