Sunday, 3 February 2013

A finish or two or three ...

Today has been another hot, dry day and the promised drizzle did not eventuate.  Perhaps tomorrow the rain will come.   We sure need it.   I washed my car on Saturday and that usually guarantees it will rain LOL.
Now for news,  It's official!   On Friday afternoon the HD3QBEM very cheerfully told me she is now legally blind!   How many people do I know who are happy that they have been accepted as members of the Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind?   Anyway we can now access their assistance with magnifiers, audio books and for me the best is their extensive large print library.   Guess who will be choosing the books?   We went out for Sushi lunch yesterday to celebrate.
The elephants are done, complete, finished - down to the snap fastener under the flap.   I am quite happy with this one and must remember to send a photo to my niece as she was the one who brought these two Pachyderms from India to my house.
Yesterday while engrossed in "A Touch of Frost" I completed some more of the Christmas ornaments.  
Hopefully tonight, the stimulus of "Lewis" will help me complete the Lavender Hussif.   I certainly feel more in control now that so many of the WIPs are being completed.
And last week the mail man brought me this -which may become my next project.   
This is from the Historic Needlework Guild and I will definitely be substituting those words.   The chart says AVAS but has the DMC equivalents and Wallet is screaming "make it DMC" so that is probably what it shall be.
I have been cross stitching my February page for the NMMSAL and am tired, once more, of the little x's so a sampler is probably just what the doctor ordered.   We shall see.   I also have everything ready to start my self-designed Blackwork Etui.   
And now it is time for dinner preparations so I'm off.


  1. You must feel so pleased to have accomplished so much! I love the elephants. How creative you are to give them a purpose and not just let them sit in a drawer.
    If we weren't in the middle of a blizzard today, I'd like to go out for a sushi lunch.

  2. If you enjoy the Frost series you will love the audio books, David Jason is the narrator and the stories come alive through his voice.

  3. If I could send you some rain, I would. We've had so much heavy rain this week it's been awful. You've been really busy with all your needlework and finishes - well done, they all look just perfect. I like the look of the Acorn Sewing Roll - great colours.

  4. beautiful needlework and finishes..
    lots of love for you x

  5. Sometimes it amazes me to see how much you can accomplish! Everything looks fabulous.

    I'm sorry to hear how poorly your mother's vision is, but I'm glad that she'll be able to access the resources from the Foundation for the Blind now.