Sunday, 30 January 2011

Lunch Out

Today a rather rare occurence in this household -  we went out for lunch to one of the local Japanese restaurants called Banzai.  

Delicious Tuna and Salmon Sashimi for me

and Yum Yum Prawns for the HDHBEM.  

Yum Yum may not sound totally Japanese but accurately describes the taste.  Mother was totally satisfied and -  high praise this - she commented "we must come here again!"

Highly recommend this place!


  1. MMmmm, it all looks yummy! I haven't been to a Japanese restaurant in ages. Hmmm, wonder what my sister is doing for lunch tomorrow...

  2. Hello margaret!

    I admire all your needlework,you have done so many beautiful pieces.

    My DD (14 years old) is very interested all about Japan and studies the language on her free time.

    The rose-teacup was so pretty!

    I have been cross-stitching only for three years :)

    I live in in Finland,excuse me for my funny english..

  3. Wow! That looks good! I'm getting very hungry looking at those pictures. It's always nice to find a superb sushi restaurant!