Sunday, 9 January 2011

Progress Report HCS 2

Today is the last day of my summer holiday and I am basking in the last of the evening's 25 degree heat as well as the smug sense of satisfaction that comes from having crossed off all the items on my 'holiday to do list'.   And the final item on the list??   To make a 'January to do list' !!

I had hoped to conquer England Since 1700 by the end of this weekend but, oh woe is me,  I am a bird and a border short of my target.   Apparently after 1700, band samplers were no longer in fashion and English samplers tended to be moralistic verses surrounded by floral vine borders.   This section includes a couple of floral vases and that pesky bird that has eluded me.  However here is a progress shot  - this is around two thirds of the final completed width of the sampler and already I have chosen the spot on the wall where this will hang.   Of course this has to be a prominent position where I can sit and gloat - but I get ahead of myself.   Gloating is on the list for next year.

And a close up to show the butterfly, floral vases and the satin stitch hearts.  

One bird on a tree and a speciality stitch border and then I move to Ireland with a shamrock border I am so looking forward to.
Many thanks for all your wonderfully encouraging comments.  Have a good evening everyone.


  1. This is absolutely beautiful--and you are not finished. When finished it will be stunning, and it deserves a prominent position on the wall. Have a good week.

  2. Margeret that is absolutely stunning!


  3. Great progress! It is such a cheerful piece with all of the bright colours!

  4. What a gorgeous sampler! The colours are so lovely and your stitching is perfect! Good luck with finishing it. Looking forward to seeing the completed piece :D

  5. This is such a beautiful sampler. You have made such excellent progress.