Saturday, 29 January 2011

Progress Report HCS 4

Hello everyone.   It has been a busy week and I could only make time for needles and thread of a far coarser type than I usually have to hand.   This is the last piece of a summer top and although I am impatient for it to be complete, I am more than satisfied with the way it is turning out.   Knitting in cotton does not come naturally to a New Zealander born and bred on the wool industry but who wants to wear merino in the summer?  This Rowan cotton is not what the pattern specified but a tension square gave identical results and onward I go.   The skirt to complete the bottom half of the outfit is already complete and in use.   My fingers don't move as fast as my sewing machine!

And on the needle and thread of the finer type I have completed Ireland and made a start on Holland on the major project that is my HCS.   This project was started on 22 December last year so I am feeling quite happy with progress so far even though I'm only about a quarter done.   Strangely enough I am looking for a change from this and may have to revise my resolutions and make a side excursion into some smalls - I have my eye and thoughts on a series of Christmas ornaments.

This morning I was up early and made some Grantham Gingerbread from my latest cook book.   These are crisp buttery cookies and why they would be called Gingerbread I have no idea.   A double pencil tick is in the margin of this recipe now and I will definitely be repeating this one.  

We have a public holiday on Monday and I am rejoicing in a long weekend.   The Half Deaf Half Blind Elderly Mother and I are going to our favourite Japanese restaurant for lunch tomorrow and our scheduled treat for Monday is the movies - "The King's Speech" is calling us!


  1. Love the progress on your knitted top and HCS. It's growing rapidly.

    You will love The King's Speech. It's a fantastic film!

  2. What a pretty top that will be! I love the color!

    Great stitches too and yummy cookies!

  3. I love the colour of your top! HCS is looking great.

    Enjoy the movie! I really liked it.

  4. Great progress on the HCS. I like the knitting--the color is great. I think you will like the movie. My husband, daughter, and I all enjoyed it. Have a nice long weekend.

  5. Your summer top will be so pretty. That yarn is absolutely gorgeous. I love the color.

    You have made remarkable progress on your HCS. At this rate, you'll be done in no time.

    And everything you bake looks so professional and delicious! Wish I could drop by for a cuppa and a cookie, but I'm half a world away!

  6. Wow, the sampler is looking wonderful! The cookies look scrumptious.