Saturday, 22 January 2011

Rosemary flavoured 2 4 6 biscuits

Immediately after my last post Yuko Sawada asked if the biscuits were cooked yet!   Well they are now and here's the proof - cookies and a cup of 'Crystal Tea'.   Don't you wish you could taste them Yuko?   Not only are they aromatic but they taste real good :-)

This cup saucer and plate are part of the tea service the Half Blind Half Deaf Elderly Mother received as a wedding gift in 1952.   It is still complete and still in use for special occasions such as these cookies!!!


  1. You're making me hungry, Margaret! I love tea in proper tea cups. Actually I love going out for high tea at a tea shop locally - once a year if I'm lucky! Your mom's tea set is very pretty!

  2. They look pretty, too! I love rosemary and will have to give these a try. Very elegant presentation!