Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Progress Report HCS

Good afternoon one and all.   Warm greetings from an extremely hot (26 degrees) and humid (70%) Auckland.  Today efforts at gardening and car washing sure wore off a lot of energy -  I'm in front of the fan now recovering in order to be able to stitch tonight:-)

First up a progress report on the Historic Countries Sampler.   Last night saw Joshua and Caleb and their huge bunches of grapes completed - don't the two men look really Germanic - certainly not realistic Israelite spies!

I enjoyed this section with its five little areas of specialty stitches under the stags and the interesting colour combinations.The Germany section is now completed. This chart has a page with each section giving historical information about the samplers of each country which is proving very interesting.   Now I have moved left to start the vine on the England since 1700 section.   Hopefully more of the vine and its hanging roses and strawberries will be completed tonight.

This morning the Half Blind Half Deaf Elderly Mother and I sorted through all the knitting wool stash and decided on four "lots" that she will turn into small knitted garments.  Although the eye sight is dim the fingertips still seem to see well enough for her to knit childrens sweaters and cardigans which she donates to the local Hospice shop.   Easter is the self imposed deadline and she wants to have 20 to take -  so far progress is 16 knitted and 14 fully completed hence the decisions of this morning.   Well done Mother!   I will show off on your behalf.
I go back to work for the day tomorrow -  staff need to be paid and statements need to be mailed - but have Thursday and Friday off before starting back full time on 10th January.   Hip hip hooray -  I may get more stitching and certainly will finish my dress making -  more about that next time I see you.   Have a good night all.


  1. Beautiful stitches!

    Your mother does a fantastic job on those sweaters!

  2. Your sampler looks great so far!
    Your Mother has finished some very nice sweaters for the Hospice shop. It is very nice of her to do that.

  3. Margaret! What warm weather! I hope you are not affected by the flood!

    Embroidery beautiful! And a lot of knitted things! Bravo!

  4. My Mum is wonderful knitting all those items for the hospice - I always love reading about her, she reminds me so much of my own Mum over there in Auckland :) Great progress on your HCS, it's growing really well :D

  5. Your sampler is coming along beautifully! What an amazing amount of progress! I love how bright it is.

    What a sweet thing for your Mum to do. The sweaters she made are gorgeous!

  6. What a lovely piece to stitch!!! Those are some great sweaters - congrats!!

  7. Your sampler is coming right along and may not take as long as you thought to finish it. The sweaters
    your mother knitted are remarkable!
    She also has a very kind heart....

  8. You are both very industrious!!
    The smapler is amazing - I hope you show the progress.

    Well done Mother on the knitting! :)

  9. Your sampler is coming along beautifully. I look forward to watching your progress on it.

    Your mother's knitting is quite an accomplishment! What an amazing and talented woman! It's very sweet of her.

  10. wow your Mother does a beautiful job at knitting, and what a lovely thing for her to do, tell her well done from me......

    Gill in Canada