Saturday, 22 January 2011

Progress Report HCS 3

Today is a dreary grey day trying desperately to fulfil the weather forecast for rain.   Just the right kind of day for stitching but before that I have some baking to do - from my new cookbook.  

The Half Blind Half Deaf Elderly Mother plantively told me that she preferred my home baked cookies so what can a girl do???   This afternoon I will try 2-4-6 Biscuits.   Apparently these are so called because the basic formula is 2oz sugar, 4oz butter and 6 oz flour!   One of the variations offered uses fresh rosemary of which there is an abundance in my garden and so the decision is made.   I will let you know the result - if I am satisfied enough to publish.

Now HCS is progressing well.   England was conquered and I have moved on to Ireland -  three more darning "patches" and an alphabet before I can move onto Holland.   The Ireland section has a series of crowns but no explanation for the K M Q D B L underneath.   Does that mean King Marquise Queen Duke Baron Lord???  

Tonight I plan on watching my pre-recorded James Bond movie (despite the fact that it is that Daniel whatshisname chap and not my friend Pierce!) and stitch happily.   The knitting has reached the - both fronts and one sleeve completed - stage so will go on holiday for a week while I finish the Ireland portion of HCS.  

Have a good evening everyone.

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