Thursday, 6 January 2011

It's still Christmas at my place!

Today a Christmas parcel arrived - all the way from Japan.   Now, I know that the mailman is extra busy this time of the year but this was posted on 14th December from Asahikawa!   Nevermind, it has arrived and was a box of Japanese calorie free "treats" which made me very happy.  My friend Yuko was an English student in my former life in Tomakomai and is extremely talented and artistic herself, so she sent crafty items -
The daisy cloth is one of those amazing Japanese dish cloths and besides that there are cards, buttons, reels of fancy paper tape, a mini CD of Japanese songs and a cute little box of all sorts of Japanese paper.  What do you think the pink item in the middle is??   I can almost guarantee you will never guess so here's a close up shot -
Yes! It's a bottle top.   But no ordinary bottle top -  a heart shaped one and the reason why was prinited in Japanese and English on the packet so I took a photo of the explanation as I am sure you are wondering why.

Thankyou so much for a wonderful surprise Yuko, I wish I could send you some of our heat and humidity to melt your Asahikawa snow!

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  1. What a lovely gift! Lots of gorgeous goodies. Love the bottle top! :)

  2. oh what lovely goodies. Post has been slow here too, I finally received a card from the Netherlands yesterday that was posted in Dec !

  3. Margaret! Congratulations! Yuko has made excellent gifts!

  4. Congratulations with such lovely gifts!

    Best wishes,

  5. our mail has been so slow over here as well, it's crazy. Mind you it was well worth the wait for all those lovely goodies...

    Gill in Canada

  6. What a beautiful and generous package from Yuko! I love the heart-shaped bottle top and the daisy cloth.