Thursday, 20 January 2011

View From My Window

Good evening all.   No stitchy news to tell you tonight.  I am progressing on the Ireland portion of the HCS but the speed has slowed as I am also knitting a cotton cardigan.   Perhaps there will be photos in the weekend.

But today I decided to take some pictures from my windows -
First the view from my lounge window - this is the right hand half of my vegetable garden.   Those white lilies are the bane of my life and next year they will be transferred to a pot and moved some place else.   When my friend Gwen gave them to me I didn't understand that they would multiply nor that they would grow so big!  Hopefully they will bloom fully next week and I can show photos of the actual flowers.

I have enjoyed beans, rhubarb and silver beet.   I'm waiting for the Bok Choy, the aubergine, and the beetroot to mature for harvest.   Many meals of beans have been frozen in preparation for the winter and I have dried much of the parsley and basil for use when the fresh is not so readily available.   Stupid coriander went to seed before I could blink!

Next the view from my car window as I drive to work.

The sky looked black and I expected rain but in fact today turned out a beautiful blue sky and HOT HOT!

Finally the view from my office window.   Not the best view in the world is it?   I look out on the warehouse from my perch in the mezzanine where once again it is HOT HOT!   Yes, we have an umbrella inside to cut down the glare for the poor guys on the packing bench.

And with that I am off to put a few more stitches into HCS and I promise progress photos and an update in the weekend.
Have a great evening all.


  1. Margaret! How nice you look green garden! Real summer!
    And now we have cold, minus 21 degrees. Can you imagine?
    Showing photos jumpers! Very interesting!

  2. Ah...thank you for the pic of the's snowing like crazy outside my window...ugh!!!

  3. Thank you for a view of your daily world - The garden looks great! A nice change from your lookout during working hours.