Wednesday, 29 April 2009

An update on Anne

I'm now on page three of my Anne of Green Gables - the sampler that is destined to become a book. While stitching I wonder what I would have chosen out of the book to fit the letters that don't have a picture. 'K' would definitely have been Kindred Spirit - isn't that what Anne always passionately declared Diana to be. But I was satisfied that 'I' was for Ipecac and I remembered Anne's extraordinary self-satisfied explanation of how she used this to cure croup. And surely 'J' could have been Josie Pye?But the 'L' for Lovers Lane is great. Gilbert at last makes an appearance. I mean 'G' had to be Green Gables but where did that leave the love of Anne's life - I was pleased to get to 'L' and satisfy my romantic soul.
Tonight I have no time for stitching so the rest of the letters will come later. Watch this space.