Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The green chicken is in its new home

Today my friend Yuko in Asahikawa emailed me a photo of the chicken which has gone to live at her house. Green Chook lives on the shelf in front of the sampler I did for her as a house warming in 2001!!! Yuko might live in Japan but she actually has a "Sweden House" and is thoroughly international so the chicken has a good home.
I am working on a couple of exchanges but tonight plan to start something new. One thing I want to do is a basket band for a couple of lovely woven wood American Traditions baskets I had sent from the States a couple of years ago. I'd love to do a Quaker Band - does anyone have a chart for such a thing. I'd love to borrow, do a swap or some such so please let me know.

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  1. The chicken looks so cute, it's a very lovely design.

    I have a pattern for a basket and it's by Thistle Threads. It's brand new and I have never used it, but I am happy to lend it to you if you wish. Here is a link to see what it looks like: