Saturday, 11 April 2009

New Stash!

Wallet cooperated and I had a most enjoyable visit to The Embroiderer. This is one of the needlework stores in Auckland but as it's a journey across the Harbour Bridge I don't often visit. They are well stocked though and it is difficult to resist temptation when actually in the shop. I noticed this morning a pair of Sajou "Eiffel Tower" scissors priced at a mere $120 - I can't think that there are too many obsessed embroiderers who would be prepared to pay that much in this current recession!!

Here's a shot of today's stash and hopefully in a week or two you will see this stitched up. I have signed up for a couple of exchanges so will be a busy stitcher for the next little while. The second shot is the floss drop for the other exchange. I rather like these colours and am looking forward to seeing this rainbow transferred to the fabric. Have a great weekend everybody.


  1. Lovely stash Margaret. Good to see you won the arm wrestle with Wallet. I see you bought Sarah Tobias. Good thing as I hear they aren't printing anymore. I just ordered my copy!

  2. You got some great new stash. Sarah Tobias is wonderful and I have just started stitching the sewing roll.
    Nice floss toss for the exchange piece, I love the colours.