Saturday, 4 April 2009

Today I collected my framed pieces

Today was a beautifully fine and golden Autumn day so Mother and I took a trip to Hamilton (around 1 hours drive from where I live) and after some shopping for new winter clothes for my new job (!) we went to the picture framer to collect my three pieces. Here's the first. The Suzanne Sampler from Wiehenberg Samplers. I used 28 count confederate grey linen and Weeks Dye Works Deep Sea colour overdyed thread. This photo was taken at night and I am hoping for a fine and sunny autumn day tomorrow to take a better shot but at least you can see. Being totally useless at choosing frames I bowed to the superior wisdom and experience of Sarah the framer and am really pleased with this. It is basically blue black but with a slightly pewter patina so suits the blue of the embroidery well. This piece hangs above my bed where I can enjoy it daily.

I shall show you the other pieces tomorrow as its getting late and I need to put some more stitches in to a green Quaker Chicken Pin Cushion!!!!


  1. Hello, I enjoy your stitching.

    Your Quaker Ruller Pocket is very beautiful and perfect!!
    What linen did you use?

  2. Absolutely stunning!Beautiful!

  3. Natsu mama - thank you for your comment. I used 36 count antique white edinburgh linen by Zweigart and DMC threads. The chart also had overdyed threads but they are very expensive here in New Zealand so I used plain DMC floss

  4. I have this pattern but it's the first time I have seen it stitched up - very beautiful Margaret!