Thursday, 2 April 2009

A date with Eliza Dolittle

Last Saturday I went to a production of My Fair Lady which was great. The last time I had been to the show was the night after my last exam at University - nearly 35 years ago! But the catchy tunes and the elaborate costumes have lived in my memory ever since and this production lived up to expectations. Eliza was wonderful and Professor Higgins most suitably academic and proper. This is a shot of the photograph that was on the ticket.

The green Quaker Chicken pincushion is almost half stitched now and I'm starting to dream of what I shall do next. We have a four day weekend April 10 - April 13 for Easter and my LNS is open on the Saturday - so three guesses where I will be going. Today the boss at work gave me totally spontaneous review and a surprise increase in salary - after only three weeks on the job! So before going to my LNS I will be brainwashing wallet and ensuring her full cooperation!!


  1. How fun! I can't wait to see your chicken and congrats on the salary increase!

  2. can not wait to see you finished product and sounds like you had a great time watching eliza the last time i went to the theatre was a small show called the pirates of penzance which was over four years ago that was great fun.. but i was sixteen when i went to see miss saigon inlondon with work and it has stayed in my memory as i loved every minute of it... great..

  3. I love MFL and it sounds like it was a super time!!!