Friday, 10 April 2009

The Green Chicken!!

Finished! And I am happy with this one but wonder will she lay green eggs? Nope! Chocolate ones will accompany this happy chicken to its new home. Hopefully the recipient will take a photograph and send me so I can show you her new home. Meanwhile as it is public holidays here she will stay at my house until the post office opens again.

Wallet and I have been having a chat. She really is most uncooperative so placed in a hard place she was given the "softening up lecture"Me: Tomorrow you and I will visit "The Embroiderer" and I require complete obedience!
Wallet: I thought you weren't going to add to your stash.
Me: This visit is for necessities not for stash enhancement. Remember I am the boss!
Wallet: I haven't been fed much lately and am positively anorexic - I won't have the energy for a trip to the LNS.
Me: Nonsense. Nothing is required of you but to open your mouth when requested. Lets practice now. I say open and you don't squeal. Simple right?
We shall see!


  1. LOL im gonna talk to my wallet too
    Love that chicken!
    Happy Easter

  2. О! Bravo! Beautiful!Happy Easter

  3. What a beautiful finish! I love the bead detail.

  4. Beautiful finish Margaret! Have a
    Wonderful Easter!!!

  5. Margaret - love the green chicken and your conversation with your wallet is hilarious!!!
    Sometimes you just have to let them know who´s boss!

  6. Good luck with your relationship with The Wallet! Remember you are bigger than it! ;-)

    The Green chicken looks really cute.

  7. Love your little green chicken! Good luck with the wallet - why are they so unco-operative?

  8. Sweet green chicken. Congratulations on this finsihing.

  9. That is an awesome chicken! It turned out wonderfully!