Saturday, 25 April 2009

Today has been a profitable day!

Tomorrow is our turn on morning tea at church so I have been baking. Here's a couple of shots of some of the biscuits. I also have a caramel shortcake made and will do a loaf of bread into asparagus rolls. Then because I am so very kind and irresponsible ( ha ha) I will take jelly beans and marshmallows for the children - their mothers will just have to make sure they clean their teeth properly!!

But it hasn't been all cooking - I finished off page one of the Anne Book. This is such fun - have you read the book? At B I remembered Anne's imaginative and totally false confession to Marilla in order to ensure that her punishment for the loss of the amethyst brooch didn't cause Matthew any more heartache. At C I laughed aloud thinking of the 'cordial incident" and Marilla's horror at the resulting drunkenness. Then of course D had to be for Diana her bosom friend! Oh my I am really really enjoying this stitch and almost regretting having given my copy of the book to my nieces some years ago as I feel I'd like to read it again. Still perhaps they love it as much as I.
I am now on G which of course is .... yes! Green Gables - but no photo of that page yet.

I finished off two exchanges and packed a surprise birthday gift which will fly away over the seas on Monday. But no photos of those either - wouldn't want to spoil the surprise.


  1. Hi Margaret,

    That baking looks so yummy. Not fair to show that off you know when we can't have samples! ;-) What are the names? I'm particularly wondering about the second one that looks like it has sultanas?

    I'm enjoying the way you've described stitching Anne. Looking forward to seeing the next batch of progress.

    Happy weekend.

  2. I love your Anne of Green Gables Start specially as I read the book forever ago and don't remember any of it. How fun! Thanks for visiting my blog and posting about my giveaway! :)