Friday, 24 April 2009

A confession and some photos

Last night I said that I would start the apple blossom for my Anne of Green Gables book. Well I freely fess up I didn't - instead I found the sampler chart and started that. Here's a badly lit snapshot. This is an Alphabet sampler and of course it has to start with "Anne with an e"! I am loving this stitch as much as I loved the book.The floss is actually DMC 500 so is a lovely dark "Anne Green". Hopefully some daylight over the weekend will produce a better shot.

And today I took some shots of my morning - it was a hard one today being the last of the working week. That dratted clock it always wakes me too soon!
Breakfast. It's autumn now so Rolled Oats season Lunch ready to take. The wee Hello Kitty container has almonds for the late afternoon munchies!Today is Anzac Day when fallen servicemen are remembered - particularly the Australian and New Zealand Army Corp (=ANZAC!) who fell in the singularly disastrous battle at Gallipoli. In a symbol of the red poppies that grow wild in the war cemetries in France, these artificial poppies are sold each year here to raise extra funds for the returned servicemen.
So I wore my poppy in remembrance.

Good morning from my computer and the beginning of another busy day. Hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. What a pretty start!! Your day begins a lot like mine. Have a great weekend!

  2. When I was little veterans use to sell red paper poppies on the streets. They don't do that anymore....we should all remember
    the veterans of all wars.