Thursday, 14 June 2018


Today was the first time this week I was able to walk to work.  Heavy rain on the other days meant I drove and parked at the Prison carpark across the road from my office.   All very convenient but not so good for the health.
So it was with a spring in my step that I set off today.   Along the way this beautiful gingko tree provided a golden carpet - somewhat slippery after the rain but still very pretty.
Tonight I have finished the outlines of the upper jacket for a hardanger tassel. 
Currently my right eye is again a patriotric blue and red from yet another haemorrhage so I will leave the delicate one over one embroidered rose for another day.   (And I swear that if another of my colleagues makes comments about me losing out in a fight I will lay a personal grievance - why can't they just leave me alone?) 


  1. Glad you were able to walk, the color in the trees is very nice. Sorry to hear about the eyes, and sorry people are giving you a hard time. What causes your hemorrhages to happen?
    Sandy's Space

  2. It's so odd seeing autumn colours Margaret. We've had a storm today and it's caused havoc with the trees - they are so full at the moment that there is greenery strewn everywhere.

  3. The Ginko is very pretty, as is your tassel. I hope your eye will be better soon!

  4. Beautiful Autumn colours and a lovely start to the tassel.
    Why do people always think they are the first to make that joke?